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Tailoring Masterclass: Drafting Essentials

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14th Oct

10am - 4pm

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Design Museum Kensington

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This two-day workshop is open to everyone with an interest in pattern cutting and learning the fundamentals of tailoring to create their own tailored patterns.

The class is aimed to demystify the often-complex techniques associated with tailored pattern drafting and introduce participants to quick and easy methods to create a great foundation for any design.

The Art of Tailoring has a long and noble history and is often seen as the epitome of Britishness with its spiritual home on London’s Savile Row. However, what was once the preserve of the elite has now permeated every facet of fashion and the humble tailored jacket has become a staple item in every wardrobe.

Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of tailoring and drafting tailored patterns for both men’s and womenswear. The class will begin with the creation of the Basic Block (Body) Draft from a given set of measurements before moving on to the key details associated with tailored garments and culminating in a professional paper pattern template for a fully lined tailored jacket.

The workshop will mix live demonstrations, easy-to-follow guides and one-to-one support.

Key Learning Skills:

  • The Basic Body Draft for Men or Women

  • Basic Sleeve Draft

  • Two Piece Tailored Sleeve

  • Collar and Lapel Draft

  • Classic Shaping

  • Lining