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We have a fantastic assortment of online activities and events from London's arts and science district to get you through February. From a thought-provoking discussion with Dr Anthony Fauci at the Science Museum and the return of Imperial Lates, to flesh-eating beetles at the Natural History Museum, inspirational writing at the Institut français and Fantasy Festival February from the Royal Borough of Kensington libraries.

Imperial Lates: Relationships
Imperial College London
8-12 February Online 6pm-11pm
Inject your Valentine's with a little remote romance, as we explore one of the defining features of human life: relationships, love and attraction. From the future of dating to anatomical Valentine’s cards, discover Imperial's evening programme of adult events for an alternative Valentine’s celebration.
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Vaccine Hesitancy: The Greatest Challenge to Ending the Pandemic?
Science Museum
Wednesday 24 February Online 7pm-9:30pm
A line-up of experts, including US physician Dr Anthony Fauci and Vaccine Deployment Minister Nadhim Zahawi MP, assemble to discuss vaccine hesitancy, described as one of the greatest challenges facing the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.
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Flesh-eating beetles and exploding fossils
Natural History Museum
The Museum houses an astonishing collection of over 80 million specimens spanning everything from meteorites to mice. But what does it take to look after one of the world's most important natural history collection during lockdown? And who is going to look after the flesh-eating beetles?
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Inspired Writers
Institut français
Tuesdays 9-23 February Online 4pm
Every Tuesday afternoon, the Institut français is holding a series of themed writing events for creative and curious kids to experiment with language and literature. And each month there will be a new theme from film scenarios to fantasy novels and comic books. Discover different genres and develop your writing skills and maybe become the next Shakespeare or J.K. Rowling!
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Fantasy February Festival of Folklore and Customs
RBKC libraries
19-26 February Online
Kensington Central Library holds a large Customs and Folklore Collection. To celebrate and promote it, they organise the annual festival of talks. This year they have a fantastic selection of events to illustrate the many aspects of this beautiful collection. Expect lots of folklore, a bit of customs, all mixed with some esotericism - there is something for everyone!
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Virtual Discovery Week: Emerging from Winter
The Royal Parks
15-19 February Online
What a re-leaf it's almost spring! Shake off any winter blues and sign-up for a week of free spring-inspired virtual interactive activities that will have you and the family enjoying the fresh air. Sign up below to join the fun!
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Superhero Drawing Workshop
Great Exhibition Road Festival
Wednesday 17 February Online 11am-12 noon
Create a superhero with special powers to fight off all the baddies in the hospital in this fun drawing workshop for all the family. Led by a professional illustrator and scientist from Imperial College London, you'll be creating awesome hospital superheroes where you get to imagine and draw their special powers, like germ-zapping and healing super-strength.
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Virtual Escape Game: The Library's Ghost
Institut français
Until 31 March Online
It’s been a long time since the children’s library at the Institut français was last open. Little did we know that a ghost has been living there - and being alone all this time, he's become quite bored... Just as you enter through the library’s door, SLAM! You hear them close behind you! The ghost has stolen the librarian’s keys. Your only way to get out is to solve his puzzles and decipher his messages. Good luck!
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Image credit: © In The Aisles, Stefan Stuber  
Goethe-Kino: In the Aisles
24-26 February Online 8pm
Director, Thomas Stuber's In The Aisles, a gigantic warehouse provides the setting for a tender love story between Christian the forklift driver and Marion from the sweets department. They are lovingly watched over by their co-workers, all bound together by a sense of quiet solidarity.
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Friday Forum: The Fashion for Kimono
Friday 12 February Online 10am-5pm
Immerse yourself in the history and craft of one of the world's most iconic garments. The kimono's influence has shaped global fashion trends since the 1600s. Now, join a host of international experts including Akiko Fukai and Yamaguchi Genbei for a day of fascinating analysis and stunning craftsmanship, as they unpick the kimono’s social and sartorial significance around the world through a day of online talks.
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COVID-19 reflections: the lessons learnt from the pandemic
Imperial College London
Over the past 12 months the Imperial College London community has devoted an intense amount of time and research to COVID-19. Members of the community have been making fundamental scientific contributions to respond to coronavirus, from advising government policy to critical therapy research. A year on, Imperial researchers reflect on what lasting impact the pandemic has left on them.
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The Daowo Sessions: Artworld Prototypes
28 Jan - 4 Mar Online 9am
What if blockchain was the answer to reinventing the Arts? A new series of online sessions by the Goethe will explore the potential that blockchain holds for arts and society, led by DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) prototype projects from around the world.
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NHM's Homework Club!
Natural History Museum
Monday 22 - Friday 26 Feb Weekly on Twitter
This week the NHM team is exploring habitats, the natural homes of plants and animals. These include forests, grasslands & fresh water. We challenge you to choose a habitat and prepare a toy to explore there. Then on Friday at 10:30am, join them for a live-streamed quiz to test what everyone has learned from that week.
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Discover South Kensington
From great exhibitions to debates with experts, and fun activities to try at home, there’s so much more to discover here.
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