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Engineers Gallery to Open at Science Museum in June 2023!

In June 2023, the Science Museum will open an ambitious new gallery dedicated to world-changing engineering innovations and the diverse and fascinating range of people behind them.

Engineers change the world. They work creatively, sustainably, with precision, and collaboratively, to create bold, ground-breaking responses to global challenges and improve billions of lives. The Engineers gallery will celebrate the Science Museum's engineering heritage and showcase some of these innovations through the global lens of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering – the world’s leading award for engineers – with current and past prize winners featured throughout.

At the heart of the gallery will be richly illustrated, characterful stories from more than 60 engineers working in a broad range of industries, such as farming, fashion, robotics and medicine, shining a light on their lives, motivations, thought processes, and what they do day to day.

Sir Ian Blatchford, Director and Chief Executive of the Science Museum Group, said: ‘Everyday life depends on the skills and creativity of engineers. In bringing this fabulous new gallery to life, we’re delighted to be working with the QEPrize, whose recognition of some of the most brilliant minds and important innovations of our time is so vital. I know our many visitors will be inspired by the stories they will encounter.

Research shows young people’s knowledge of engineering is low, and what they do know is often influenced by stereotypes and misinformation (Educational Pathways into Engineering, Engineering UK 2020). By connecting audiences with people just like themselves who have created and pursued innovation, the gallery will provide a much-needed ‘way in’ to a subject many feel disconnected from, and open people’s eyes to the possibilities it affords.

Visitors will have the opportunity to take a closer look at iconic objects from the cutting-edge CMR ‘Versius’ surgical robot arm to the first digital camera, and a miniature atomic clock which the entire GPS system depended upon, as well as learn more about the remarkable people who invented them. 

Situated on Level 1, the Engineers gallery will be adjacent to Technicians: The David Sainsbury Gallery, which opened in November 2022. These complementary galleries showcase a rich suite of personal stories and innovations that impact our everyday life. The fresh, contemporary design of the new gallery will use carefully selected sustainable building materials, reflecting engineers’ role in building a sustainable future.

Find out more about this fantastic new addition to South Ken here. 

Artist’s impression of Engineers gallery, Science Museum Group