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A Guide to Kickstarting your Career

In South Kensington, a vibrant hub of diverse institutions excels in fields such as science, history, archaeology, art, and languages—all coexisting closely. This creates a unique opportunity to gain insights into a wide range of specific specializations and career paths, all conveniently within walking distance of each other!

Fortunately, we've curated a list of upcoming events that can serve as a valuable resource to kickstart your career or provide answers to questions about various career paths.

Roles in the Arts:                     

This series acts as a valuable resource to broaden your understanding of career opportunities within the museum. The next spotlights The Role of the Interpretation Producer (Jan 22nd). Led by Interpretation Producer Sophie Sage who will be sharing insights into her role at Young V&A, where she focuses on the development of future family-friendly temporary exhibitions, as well as various interpretation projects across the permanent galleries.

V&A Professional Development courses are ideal for those who want practical insights applicable to their own practice. Their next one How to develop your audiences (starting 14th Feb) will give valuable insights into how to develop a more audience-centered approach at your institution by covering the key considerations from strategy to practice.

Each year, the Ardagh Young Creatives programme welcomes a group of young people aged 14–16 based in London. Hosted by the Design Museum the programme is free and happens throughout the year. It was set up to create pathways into design for underrepresented young people.

Roles in the Fashion industry:

Start building your visual identity for your brand and join this workshop with Stu Smith to go from the design concept to the screen print process to start building your visual identity.

Join the Design Museum for a course tailored to small and medium-sized fashion design businesses that are looking to implement actionable steps to reduce waste and enhance their circularity practices 

Careers in the music industry:

What does a career spanning 43 years of photographing music look like? In conversation, with Chris Christodoulou the go-to photographer for the BBC Proms, Royal events and prestigious concerts.

Careers in Humanities: 

A series for postgraduate geographers, particularly PhD students. Its purpose is to offer insights into different aspects of PhD life and to equip students with the skills to thrive during and after their doctoral programmes. Their upcoming one will focus on how to write an Academic CV (28th Feb). 

In their Use Geography webinar series, hear from geographers across a range of sectors, helping you to learn more about the many possibilities studying geography opens up for your career. Whether you are a first-year undergraduate or nearing graduation, the knowledge shared by panellists will be useful for entering the world of work. The next one will focus on professionals working in international development (24th Feb). 

    Careers in Science:

    Expand your knowledge and be inspired by the fascinating work of female scientists whose research has contributed to our understanding of space, meteorites and planetary materials.

    Discover the fascinating work of female palaeontologists whose research has contributed to our understanding of fossils and ancient life.

    Cross-Disciplinary Learning and Networking Opportunities:

    Crossing French and British perspectives this annual festival tackles the latest ideas of our time and engages audiences through free debates with leading academic figures. This year's upcoming Night of Ideas theme is ‘Fault Lines’, inviting us to consider the instances in which historical events cross over with our most intimate selves, especially in light of the recent environmental, geopolitical and technological upheavals affecting the world. An insightful event to deepen your understanding of contemporary academia. 

    An annual programme that delves into the challenges and solutions for people and planet. A free programme of inspiring workshops, panels and talks created in partnership with young people, for young people. The next programme will run at the Natural history Museum from 7th -10th  February.

    For those wishing to pick up a new skill or gain more knowledge about a subject take a pick from a range of adult education classes open to everyone. Covering topics in arts, languages, business and science and starting year-round. 

    We hope this provides a helpful guide for possibilities for students wanting to advance to the next step in their careers!

    For a more comprehensive guide make sure to visit our continually updating what’s on page for even more exciting opportunities available. 

    Demystifying Museum Careers- The role of the Interpretation Producer, at the V&A

    How to develop your audiances at the V&A, professional practice talk
    Professional Development Series - How to Develop your Audiences, V&A

    Ardagh Young Creatives at the Design Museum

    Screenprint your own brand
    Design and Screen Print your own Brand at the Design Museum

    Circular Fashion For Design
    Circular Fashion for Design at the Design Museum

    Photographing Music
    Photographing Music with Chris Christodoulou at the RCM

    Woman in Science Tour
    Woman in Science Tour

    Generation Hope: Act for the Planet at the Natural History Museum