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Learn New Skills in South Ken!

Immerse yourself in these enriching experiences and embrace the opportunity to learn, create, and discover in 2024! 

Unlock a New Language:

  • Learn French at Institut Français: Immerse yourself in the refined beauty of the French language with courses catering to all levels at the Institut Français. Explore the nuances of the language and unravel the cultural richness of France through an immersive learning experience.
  • Learn German with Goethe-Institut: Begin your linguistic journey with the Goethe-Institut. Tailored courses provide a deep understanding of German, unlocking not only language skills but also the rich heritage of the German-speaking world.
  • Learn Languages with Imperial College: Open to everyone their evening classes host a multitude of language options from British Sign Language, Korean, Hindi and Spanish! Discover the basics of these languages in a fun, engaging and enjoyable way!

Embark on an Arts and Crafts Creative Journey:

Learn How to Make Your Own Clothes:

Try New Sports This January:

Delve into Imperial College London's evening classes:


Learn German at the Geothe Institute
Learn German, Geothe-Institut
Chinese Embroidery
Chinese Embroidery with Yiran Duan, V&A

Tailoring Masterclass
Tailoring Masterclass: Drafting Essentials, Design Museum

Tai chi at the Museum
Tai Chi, Natural History Musuem

Serpentine Lido
Serpentine Lido, Hyde Park